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A great bag for going to the market or heading to the beach | burlap rustic Seascape Jute Tote Bags | LaBelle's General Store

For the Market or the Beach

Coastal Totes

Aren’t we always on the hunt for a functional, all purpose bag? Our versatile Seascape Jute Tote Bags are a best-seller because they lend themselves to so many uses. A classic tote, these jute bags are big enough for your evening trip to the market after work as well as for your weekend trip to the beach. Use it as a weekender bag when you’re just sleeping over a couple of nights, then use it as your purse when you hit the shops, and then use it as your beach bag when you hit the seaside. Even if you’re just headed down the the pool, this bag will hold your towel, your lunch, sunscreen, book, magazines, and water bottle.  And this sturdy, well crafted burlap bag has a laminated interior lining giving it stability, as well as a small interior pocket for things you need to find easily like your lipstick or your keys.

Aquatic Inspired Accessories

Anchor Bling Tote | On Sale Now!

Anchor Bling Tote

We’ve been on the burlap bandwagon for a while and can’t get enough of this coastal casual fabric.  When you combine the rustic charm of burlap with the trend for aquatic inspired accessories, you get the perfection that is this Anchor Bling Tote Bag.  Now on sale, this fun, shiny tote is perfect for carrying your 12 items or less groceries to the car, or your beach towel and sunscreen to the beach or anything in between,

The Shop for Totes

Come visit us in Dennis Port to see our ever-changing array of fun and stylish tote bags to add to your collection, like our new Seven Seas Totes featuring nautical-inspired designs.

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