Unbreakable French Press

Cool Beans! An Unbreakable French Press! | LaBelle's General Store

Cool Beans! An Unbreakable French Press!

The Bonjour Ami-Matin Unbreakable French Press is a must have for the coffee lover. This Bonjour French Press coffee maker is made a of crystal clear, unbreakable BPA-free Tritan plastic carafe, and if you’re clumsy, this helps. One of the key features of this unbreakable french press is the patented filtering lid which leaves less sediment in your cup. Using a French Press is the ideal way to make delicious coffee, and using an unbreakable French Press is that much better. No more going to the store to replace a broken glass carafe from mishandling every few months. Take the Bonjour Unbreakable French Press camping or on vacation without worrying about it breaking in your backpack. Go and grab some cool beans and make a fresh cup of coffee with this fantastic unbreakable french press.

French Press Cup Sizes

French Press Sizes differ from American Cups of Coffee | Unbreakable French Press | LaBelle's General Store

French Press Sizes differ from American Cups of Coffee

It’s important to note that French coffee cup sizes are different than American sized coffee cups. A three cup French coffee press makes a little more than one American sized cup of coffee. If you just like to start the day with just one cup, the 3 Cup Bonjour Ami-Matin Unbreakable French Press is the perfect single coffee serving. If you share your pot of coffee, or like to start off with two cups, then the 8 Cup Bonjour Ami-Matin Unbreakable French Press is the perfect sized coffee press because it makes a little over two American sized cups.

Getting the Grind Right

If you’ve never made French Press Coffee before, be aware of the size of your coffee grind.  If you grind your coffee fine, you may have a problem making French press coffee.  Small grinds can seep through the filter leaving a little sludge at the bottom of your cup.  The ideal grind for a French press is coarse.  And it’s best to use a quality coffee grinder that will grind your beans as uniformly as possible.

Brew the Perfect Cup

This part is so easy.  To brew the perfect cup of French press coffee add 2 tablespoons of coarse ground coffee for every cup of water.

  1. Scoop your grinds into the bottom of your coffee press.
  2. Once your kettle comes to a full boil, let it rest for 1 minute to come down to just the right temperature.
  3. Add the appropriate proportion of water to your grounds. (see above)
  4. Stir the grounds and water.
  5. Place the cover with plunger on top and let it brew for about 4 minutes.
  6. Press the plunger down S_L_O_W_L_Y.

Pour your French brewed coffee into your favorite mug, and there you have it, all you need to make a great cup of coffee is an unbreakable French Press Carafe, some course coffee grounds and a few minutes.  These coffee makers don’t sit on the shelf for long, so get yours today!

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