Top Rated Kitchen Tools

Top Rated Kitchen Tools

Used by restaurants, this Zyliss Cheese Grater is my favorite tool for Italian night. | LaBalle's General Store

The Best Cheese Grater

We think it’s vital to our small business to test out the products we promote.  We use our home kitchen as a test kitchen to find the top rated kitchen tools that will bring more pleasure to your cooking, baking, and entertaining.

Lucky for you, we are devoted foodies who ‘eat-in’ most of the time.  Why would we do that?  Well, after working in the restaurant industry since before legal-age, Joe knows his way around a six-burner better than most.  He is our resident Sous Chef Extraordinaire and Colleen is the Baking Queen.

We also rely on our very capable, food lovin’ customers who have valuable opinions about the products they’ve tried in their own kitchens.  Compiling our experiences with those of our trusty customers, in addition to the ratings of consumer publications, our Test Kitchen Winners have been rated as “Worth One’s Salt”, in other words, they’re worthwhile tools that add value to your kitchen’s arsenal of utensils.

Worth One’s Salt

The Best Serrated Knife for your kitchen is Dexter's Offset Slicer

Best Serrated Knife

Top Rated Kitchen Knife

You’ve heard the saying, “This item sells itself.”  Well it may sound cliche, like something you’ve heard too many times to count on some entertaining infomercials, but it’s indisputably true about this knife.

Day in and day out, this Offset Slicer is purchased by someone who already has one, and wants to share its wonders with others.  If you’ve ever been in our store on Cape Cod, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of its legendary story.

Made in Massachusetts since the 1800’s Dexter Knives use the same high quality steel as the more popular, and expensive, brand names sold at the high end retailers.  The difference is, Dexter makes knives for the commercial industry.  A top choice of butchers, fishermen, and chef’s, Dexter knives stand the test of time and hard use.

This Offset Slicer is a true work-horse for its ability to cut through breads, tomatoes, roasts, tree limbs—-just kidding!  do not use on tree limbs!!!—-Seriously, Dexter’s Offset Slicer will become your favorite, tried-and-true slicing kitchen knife.

What the heck is it? It's the World's Favorite Masher - The Spudnik Simply Mash mashes potatoes by rocking and rolling around the bowl, creating light, fluffy mashed potatoes.

The Best Potato Masher

I’ve got it on very good authority that potato lovers would eat mashed potatoes as much as humanly possible if it were their choice.  So I suppose, it’s the choice of whoever is in charge of cooking whether there will be mashed potatoes on the plate or not.

In which case, it’s vitally important to make sure that person has the right tool for the job, so if you want to have mashed potatoes more often, get them the Spudnik Simply Mash because not only does it work great, but it’s fun!  Turn on a little background music and rock ‘n roll around the bowl to the motion of the uniquely styled Spudnik.  It’s this unusual design that has many wondering, ‘What the heck is that?’ and makes this potato masher whip-up the lightest, fluffiest mashed potatoes you’ve ever tasted.  Top rated by our customers, many keep coming back for more Spudnik Simply Mash Potato Mashers to share with like-minded mashed potato fanatics.

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Chef’n Strawberry Huller

Best Strawberry Huller

Cape Cod has some wonderful jam and jelly small businesses. Making jam is time consuming and having the right tools is imperative, that’s why are local jam artisans would be lost without the use of the Chef’n StemGem when making their amazing strawberry jams.  We love this strawberry huller so much we’ve written a whole post so you can read all about this wonderful huller and watch a terrific demonstration strawberry huller video on this page.

The Nifty Fifteen | Essential Kitchen Tools | LaBelle's General Store

The Nifty Fifteen

The Nifty Fifteen

is a list of some of our favorite tools that we use every day in our kitchen. They may not be the fanciest, but they are nifty. Read more here.