Tara’s Diary Shamrock Spiral Beads

Tara's Diary Shamrock & Spiral Charm Beads | Irish Murano Glass Charm Beads

Irish Murano Glass Charm Beads

Shamrock glass beads are extra special when made with Murano glass.  Add our Tara’s Diary Shamrock Spiral Charm Bead to your charm bracelet for an extra touch of Celtic color this St. Patrick’s Day.  These beautiful shamrock glass beads make the perfect accent to your outfit for Cape Cod’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  The shamrock and spiral Celtic motifs on these Tara’s Diary beads create exquisite impact in Murano glass. Pick from azure blue, green or purple glass, or choose all three!

Murano Glass Works

originated in Italy on the small island of Murano near Venice. Some of the most beautiful glass work in the world has come from this island, as has this bead. Very difficult to produce in detail, great care has to be taken with the color work of each bead resulting in colors that gleam.  Shamrocks and spirals add delicate sweeps of seafoam green to each bead and a crystal glints from the center of the clover leaves. The colors in these Irish charms will simply radiate from their place on your favorite charm bracelet.

Murano Glass Irish Charm Beads | Tara's Diary Shamrock Spiral Beads | LaBelle's General StoreShamrock and Spiral Symbolism

May your blessings outnumber

The shamrocks that grow,

And may trouble avoid you

Wherever you go.

– an Irish Blessing


The national symbol of Ireland is the three leaved clover, the shamrock, seen on Ireland’s airline, state logos, buildings, jewelry, and stamps. In the past, the shamrock has represented the Christian Holy Trinity and the rebellion of the Irish Volunteers against French and Spanish invasion in the 18th century.  Of course, in America the shamrock symbolizes luck as in, “the luck of the Irish.”  Why we are so lucky, I’m not entirely sure (potato famine, English occupation…), but we’ve got to hold on to something that makes us special, now don’t we?

Celtic Spiral Love Bead by Tara's Diary for Pandora-style add a bead bracelets

Celtic Spiral Love Bead

The spiral is another well-known icon of Irish design.  A spiral signifies the ancient Celtic belief that humans at once must reach outward to gain awareness of the surrounding world, and pull the energy of the surrounding world inward to gain awareness of themselves.  Something I try to do everyday, don’t you?

Add some luminous Shamrock Glass Beads to your Pandora style bead charm bracelet or wear one alone as a pendant and feel empowered by the beauty and the symbolism encased in timeless Murano glass.  And take a peak at some more of our distinctive Celtic Jewelry here.

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