Make Your Own Mayo & Salad Dressing with the Qwik Wisk

Easily make your own healthy, all natural mayonnaise, salad dressing, whipped cream, and milk froth with the Mastrad Qwik Whisk | LaBelle's General Store

Quik Whisk Mayo & Dressing Maker

If you’re like me, you’ve become more attuned to what you’re putting into your body as you age.  I find myself reading the ingredient labels more and more, and in turn becoming more and more horrified by the garbage I see.  My most recent discovery is the amount of soybean oil in the foods we eat.  My favorite mayonnaise has it listed as the first ingredient, and it seems to be the primary ingredient in every salad dressing including my daughter’s favorite honey mustard dipping sauce.  Why does soybean oil scare me?  Well if you haven’t read up on soy, you may not know it is one of the most common food allergies, and one of the least organic foods you can eat with the amount of chemicals used on soy plants in order to make them thrive.  Soy has also been shown to wreak havoc with the thyroid which can lead to a whole host of problems.  I’m not an expert, by any means, but I’d like to steer clear of the soy plant as much as possible.  No tofu for me.  This leads me to our latest kitchen essential, the Mastrad Quick Wisk Mayo & Salad Dressing Maker.

The Qwik Wisk is such a versatile kitchen gadget that I find myself grabbing for it on a daily basis.  I love my afternoon latte, and with the Qwik Wisk I can froth up some skim milk with just a few flicks of the wrist.  I also love my whipped cream, (and who doesn’t?) and now I can make it without getting out the mixer or whipping my elbow into a sling.  But more than anything, I’m glad I can make my family simple, wholesome, chemical free salad dressing with just a few simple ingredients that don’t include soybean oil or high fructose corn syrup.  And there’s nothing like homemade mayonnaisse.  If you want to try making your own, try Alton Brown’s Mayonnaise Recipe.

Do you have a favorite salad dressing recipe?  We’d love to hear it.

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