The Prettiest Silver Cape Cod Bead is Iconic

Sterling Silver Enameled Cape Cod Icons Bead with iconic Cape Cod Map, starfish, and scallop shell for Pandora-style bracelets

Silver Enameled Cape Cod Icon Beads


The prettiest sterling silver Cape Cod Bead is the Cape Cod Icons enameled Bead.   It’s the perfect bead for a Cape-Cod lover’s Pandora-style bracelet.

Each side of this sterling silver Cape Cod Bead has a different Cape Cod Icon: Starfish, Scallop Shell, our favorite geographical map, and the last side is inscribed, Cape Cod.

I especially love the enameled turquoise blue sides of this bead which set it apart from your typical sterling silver bead.

Add some iconic Cape Cod beauty to your bracelet.  As you can see, the Cape Cod Icon Bead looks beautiful by itself, but imagine when it’s combined with your other keepsake beads.  All of our Cape Cod beads fit on most Pandora-style bracelets.  Add some iconic beauty to your bracelet with the breathtaking Cape Cod Icons Bead before it’s gone!

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