New Polish Pottery Bakers

We’re so excited to share with you our new shipment of Polish Pottery Bakers.  These Rectangular Baking Dishes feature a wide edge to make it easier to grab when moving from oven to table.  If you’re not familiar with our beautiful selection of Polish Stoneware, you need to make a stop in to our store in Dennis Port!

Blue Flower Rectangular Baker | Polish Pottery Baking Dish | LaBelle's General Store

Blue Flower Rectangular Baker

Must have Mini Tulip Polish Pottery Designed Medium Baker | LaBelle's General Store

Mini Tulip Design

Must have Mini Tulip Patterned Polish Pottery Medium Baker | LaBelle's General Store

Mini Tulip Pattern

I Love blueberries so this is the perfect Polish Pottery Baker for Me!  | LaBelle's General Store

Blueberry Pattern Medium Sized Baker

We also have some new Polish Pottery Handled Bakers which make it very easy to pull out of the oven even with potholders.  I love using the smaller stoneware handled baking dishes for making and serving hot dips.  The medium sized Polish Pottery Handled Baking Pan is the pan we choose for baking and serving scalloped potatoes and roasted vegetables.

I love to use this Tulip Bouquet Small Handled Baker for warming and serving hot dips | LaBelle's General Store

Tulip Bouquet Small Handled Baker

The repeating Mini Tulip design of this Polish Pottery Small Handled Baker looks amazing! | LaBelle's General Store

Mini Tulip Small Handled Baker

Love, Love this Medium Sized Blueberry Patterned Polish Pottery Handled Baker | LaBelle's General Store

Medium Sized Blueberry Handled Baker

Not only is Polish Pottery beautiful but it’s designed for everyday use in your home. Polish Pottery Stoneware is crack, chip, and scratch resistant unlike any other pottery we have ever used. These premium Polish Stoneware Rectangular Bakers distribute heat evenly and retain both hot and cold temperatures for an extended period of time. The glaze on Polish Stoneware allows foods to release with little or no oil, and clean up is quick and easy.

Polish Pottery Care

Since these are bakers and are meant to go in the oven, we always recommend avoiding shocking Polish Pottery.  Don’t take it from a cold refrigerator and place it in a hot oven.  That may be okay for metal bakeware, but stoneware needs to be treated differently.  Care should be taken to allow the piece to reach room temperature when going from the extreme of the refrigerator/freezer to the oven, as extreme temperature change will crack the pottery.  Allow the pottery to come to temperature and put it in an oven that is pre-heating, not fully heated.  Also, when cooking high fat foods, it’s recommended that you place a small amount of water in the bottom of the dish to protect your investment.

Add one of these fabulous Polish Stoneware Bakers to your collection and start baking food that presents itself with distinction.

loving the Cranberry Pattern | Cape Cod's  favorite Polish Stoneware Pattern | LaBelle's General Store

Cape Cod’s favorite Polish Stoneware Pattern

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