McCrea’s Caramels Come to Dennis Port

McCrea's Caramels - Hand-Crafted in Boston, Massachusetts | LaBelle's General Store

McCrea’s Caramels – Hand-Crafted in Boston, Massachusetts

We love caramel.  Topping a sundae, drizzled over a brownie, or sandwiched inside a cookie, we find it nearly impossible to refuse a caramel-laced treat.  During a visit to Maine this winter, we ventured across McCrea’s Candies and couldn’t resist a taste of their incredible caramels.  Kate McCrea, the caramel-creator’s wife and director of marketing and product development, offered us a generous sampling of her husband’s fabulous Massachusetts made caramels.  After just a brief touch on the tongue, the decision to bring McCrea’s Caramels to our guests in Dennis Port was made.

McCrea's Caramels are hand-crafted with locally sourced, real-food ingredients | LaBelle's General Store

Hand-crafted with locally sourced, real-food ingredients.

McCrea’s Caramels are made from locally sourced, real food ingredients, and we love to support Massachusetts-made goods. But what really captured our interest was the effect the unique flavors of McCrea’s Caramels had upon our taste buds.  It’s clear that the founder’s backgrounds in chemistry and biology help to create mouthwatering caramels that we had a very difficult time resisting, which made selecting which flavors to bring home to Dennis Port challenging, resulting in more sampling.  Just before the sugar-induced coma began, we chose the limited edition Irish Coffee Caramels, Cafe Noir Caramels, Classic Vanilla Caramels, Single Malt Scotch Caramels, and the obvious choice, Cape Cod Sea Salt, which is the best-tasting sea-salt caramel this girl has ever experienced.

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McCrea’s Caramels have won numerous awards, garnered accolades from top media outlets, and have even made it inside the gift bags at People and Time Magazine’s White House correspondence cocktail party.  In addition to our modest Mom & Pop, luxury retailer Barney’s New York has distinguished this amazing Massachusetts’ made caramel by carrying it in their stores.

Love this incredible combination of Irish Coffee and Boston made Caramel! | Limited Edition Irish Coffee Caramels

Limited Edition Irish Coffee Caramels

McCrea’s Caramels were also named in Martha Stewart’s American Made Awards, and they were chosen as a Best Gift for Foodies by USA Today.  Most recently, Buzzfeed included them in their list for Fancy Food You Must Try in 2017.   So what are you waiting for?  Come visit LaBelle’s General Store in Dennis Port and buy a pouch of McCrea’s Cape Cod Sea Salt Caramels for yourself and all of your foodie friends.

My obsession: McCrea's Cape Cod Sea Salt Caramels | LaBelle's General Store

McCrea’s Cape Cod Sea Salt Caramels

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