Make the Perfect Cup of Tea with the Capresso H2O Pro

If you want to make the perfect cup of tea you really need to be aware of the temperature of your water and that can be done to perfection with the Capresso H20 Pro Programmable Cordless Water Kettle.  I’ve been learning to love tea in an effort to get a little healthier and I just learned a very important fact about brewing the perfect cup of tea: water temperature is Key!

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea | Get your water the right temperature for your tea with this programmable kettle | LaBelle's General Store

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

I was astonished to find out that every tea has a different optimum brewing temperature. It’s not just a matter of boiling some water in a kettle on the stove and pouring it over a tea bag or into a tea pot. That’s fine if you don’t mind ruining the flavor of your tea, and who knows maybe you just don’t have that much energy to care. But now that I’ve shared this earth-shattering tea news with you, you could be intrigued enough to find out more…

I found a really clear and concise article about brewing the perfect cup of tea at one of my favorite trusted sites, Paleo Hacks.  I decided to make a handy visual chart based on their recommendations for brewing at the right time and temperature.  If you like it, you can print it out by clicking on the Tea Brewing Guide below.

The right time and temperature are key to making a perfect cup of tea | A Quick Guide to Brewing Tea

A Quick Guide to Brewing Tea

Cut Back on Chlorine

Another thing to consider when making the perfect cup of tea is the amount of chlorine in your water. The Capresso H2O Pro has a wonderful feature that helps to remove more of that chlorine while the kettle is boiling, because tea is never supposed to taste like pool water.  And if you’d like even more information about this wonderful kettle, watch this informative video by two people who obviously love their jobs (always nice to see).  You’ll also see how fast the Capresso H2O Pro brings the water to boil, which I found quite astounding. And please note, the Capresso model we sell is not the shiny version shown in this video, our Capresso H20 Pro has the updated and more elegant brushed stainless steel housing as seen at the top of this post.

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