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Sock Monkey Chip Clips

Comedy lovers usually go for the Sock Monkey Chip Clips

I am constantly looking for a chip clip!  In fact, I’ve just come from the kitchen where I was in search of one of our fun chip clips to close my San Francisco Bay K-cup coffee bag. Of course, I couldn’t find one, which left me somewhat frustrated which since led me here to you.  I was thinking I’m probably not the only person in need of a few extra chip clips and I’m in a position to help.  And since I need a little more excitement in my life, I’ve decided to host a free Fun Chip Clips giveaway to a lucky winner.

Enter to Win

All you have to do is make sure you’re a facebook fan, then like our post about this giveaway on facebook and comment on it.  When the mood hits or when we reach 500 fans (whichever comes first) we’ll pick one lucky winner and send the winner a set of our Fun Chip Clips.  A set includes 6 clips, so that means you’ll have 6 more chances of finding a clip to close a chip bag, the inside bag of a Cheeze-It box, an almond flour bag, or whatever it is that you wish you had a closure for at any given moment.  You might not even use chip clips for food.  They make great everything clips.  Use them to organize your kids artwork or flash cards.  We’ll even let you choose which style you’d like.  Are you a fan of the sock monkey?  Or do you prefer scary monsters?  When you comment, just tell us which style you prefer.

Kikkerland's Monster Bag Clips for sealing snacks and chip bags

Fan of scary movies and zombies? These Monster Chip Clips are for you!


Joe get crafty with clothes pins | Chip Clip Giveaway

Joe gets crafty with clothes pins

Take My Advice…

Maybe you’re on the fence and not sure if you want to enter this amazing contest.  And yes, I’ve heard from a lot of people that they, “just use a clothes pin!” I must admit I love a good clothes pin and my clever spouse likes to get crafty and make cute things with them, and they’re always a good option when you’re in a pinch, but I prefer real chip clips with a purpose.  Once you try our fun clips, you won’t mess around with laundry accessories any more!

Perhaps you’re one of those super-talented humans whose opposable thumbs can close bags with clever origami style bag folding tricks, but I am not one of those either and I don’t want to imagine using such folding chicanery for confectioners sugar bags and dealing with the clouds of sugar that would puff out of the bag in the midst of closing it.  Enter our contest!

So, if you prefer a real chip clip to close your bags and anything else you need closing or clipping, let me help you, and enter our free giveaway for a chance to win these fun and functional chip clips!

What do you use chip clips for?  Tell us in the comment section when you go to the facebook post.  Here is the link:

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