An Easier Way to Open Oysters

An easier, more comfortable way to open oysters | LaBelle's General Store

Best Oyster Shucker Ever

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think it applies to this beautiful Oyster Knife image. (Don’t you wish this gorgeous oyster and wine spread was laid out across your table?) Are you salivating as you read about the best Oyster Knife ever? Awe, shucks.  If you love oysters, so much so that you bring them home and torture yourself attempting to open them without an experienced, highly paid professional on hand, you’ve more than likely encountered a few difficulties, and probably a nick or three.

If you been asking the gods for an easier way to open oysters, we’ve heard you. We found a tool that may make the job less taxing and more instantly gratifying. This Oyster Knife is not only the most comfortable oyster knife we have ever used, but most importantly, its patented, beveled stainless steel blade gets right into the oyster with little resistance allowing you to shuck like crazy. An added bonus is the innovative clamp style integrated holder which allows you to get the best possible grip on that wily oyster shell.

And if you’ve never shucked an oyster before, take all intimidation off the table by using this Oyster Shucker Set. It’s so easy to use, even a novice can tackle opening an oyster: simply place whole oyster in the holder, insert the oyster knife and twist to open. Tadahh! You’re in business and your friends and family will gleefully rejoice as they slurp down oyster after oyster. Hopefully they’ll consider you a hero and leave a few oysters for the all-star shucker.

Put an end to your shucking troubles and get this brilliant Oyster Knife & Sheath shucking set today!  And if oyster shucking isn’t all that problematic for you, you can always buy the world’s best-selling oyster knife by Dexter at LaBelle’s.

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