Decorative and functional Seashell Pewter Measuring Spoons

Seashell Pewter Measuring Spoons

Too pretty to hide away in a drawer

I couldn’t wait to take these Pewter Measuring Spoons home and hang them in my kitchen. They are so elegant and reflect my love of the coast. ┬áThe best part about these Seashell Measuring Spoons is they’re truly accurate, so when you’re baking and you need to be exact, you can count on your decorative spoons to pull their weight.

I have mine hung on a spoon display rack on the wall right in front of my designated baking counter. When I’m not up to my elbows in flour and smelling of vanilla, my kitchen looks great with these attractive spoons hanging like jewelry on my wall, reminding me of future recipes ready for baking…and enjoying!


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