Cow Milk Glasses are Here!

Love these adorable Cow Embossed Glasses for more than just milk! Parfaits, Sundaes, Smoothies | LaBelle's General Store

Italian Made – Recycled Glass

What could be sweeter than Cow Milk Glasses? We use these Cow Embossed Milk Glasses every day for more than just milk. When we want to jazz up a cup of yogurt, we grab some blueberries and strawberries and layer them with the yogurt inside this cute tumbler. Of course you’ll want to use our Shell Iced Tea Spoons to get to the bottom of the glass. This Cow Glass is also perfectly sized for a small sundae treat when you don’t want to over do it. And if you’re into smoothies, this 8 oz glass holds just the right amount to start the day out right.

Just the right amount for a serving of smoothies - cow embossed milk glass | LaBelle's General Store

8 oz Serving Sized Glass

And if you just love cows, well how can you resist? Just the other day my parents had a surprise visit from the cows who graze just across the meadow and through the woods from their house. How they got out for a wild adventure into Grammy’s backyard is still a mystery, but was quite a site for a Sunday morning.

Eastleigh Farm's Herefords escaped to the other side of the pass Sunday morning

Just grazing the day away

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