Cape Cod’s Cranberry Harvest

Cape Cod’s Cranberry Harvest

There’s nothing quite like the Cape Cod’s cranberry harvest.  Cranberries are most notably a part of the lifeblood of Cape Cod.  As a result, we’re here to help you celebrate our amazing cranberries with delicious jams and jellies, scented candles, textiles and tabletop items.  Shop our selection of Cranberry Gifts that will tempt your taste buds like Beach Plum Kitchen’s line of Cranberry Jams and Jellies.  Indulge in Cape Cod Provisions smooth and delicious Cape Cod Cranberry Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Covered Cranberries and Bog Frogs.  Savor the flavor of a cup of Cranberry Tea.  Pamper yourself with the sweet scent of Cape Shore Cranberry Soap.   And then transform your space with a Cape Shore Cranberry Candle or Cranberry Room Spray.  We’ll even help you make some delightful cranberry recipes that you’ll savor like our Cape Cod Cranberry Bread as seen in this video snippet:


Most of all we’d love to share the Cranberry Love.   Finally, take a moment and feast your senses on Cape Cod’s bountiful cranberry harvest.


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If you love Chocolate Turtles, you'll love Cape Cod Cranberry Harvest Bog Frogs | Cranberry and Cashews covered in Caramel and Chocolate.

Cape Cod’s Version of the Chocolate Turtle