Cape Cod Cranberry Harvest Gifts

Cape Cod Cranberry Harvest Gift Set

Cape Cod’s Cranberry Gifts

After the sunburns have peeled away and the leaves start making tracks in the door, Cranberry Season begins on Cape Cod. Our local growers are busy combing the bogs for the jewels of autumn, and we’re busy gathering together great crate-fulls of cranberries for our customers to take home and enjoy all year long.

This year we’ve gathered together our customer’s favorite Cape Cod Cranberry Harvest Gifts and made it ever so easy for you to get some for yourself. Our Cranberry Harvest Gift Set contains a decadent array of Cape Cod Cranberry Candy, Cape Cod Cranberry Harvest Jelly, and fresh picked Cape Cod Cranberries.  And the best part is, for a limited time the Cranberry Harvest Gift Set ships for FREE!  That’s right, from our store to your door, and we pay the freight.

This bountiful cranberry collection includes the incredible Cranberry Bog Frogs in both a large 8oz box for the insatiable chocolate turtle lover, and a small 3.5oz box, the perfect size for your lunch box.  Also included are Chocolate Covered Cranberries in either Milk or Dark Chocolate as well as Cranberry and Almond Chocolate Bars in your choice of Dark or Milk Chocolate.  Harwich made Cape Cod Cranberry Harvest Cranberry Jelly is another customer favorite included in this phenomenal Cape Cod gift basket.  And last but by no means least, 1 pound of fresh, locally grown Cranberries perfect for baking delicious fall treats round out this must-have Cranberry Gift Set.  We also include a copy of our famous, easy to make Cranberry Bread recipe as a little present from us to you.

This Cranberry Harvest Gift Set makes a great gift for your neighbor who’s watched your cat or watered your flowers while you were away, or for your family member who loves anything cranberry, and especially anything Cape Cod Cranberry related.  The clock is ticking and cranberry season won’t last forever, so get your Cranberry Harvest Gift Set before it’s too late!

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