Cake Decorating Tongs

Cake Decorating Tongs make cake decorating so much easier and less tedious | RSVP Endurance Decorating Tongs

RSVP Endurance Decorating Tongs

Dragees are slippery little buggers.  If you’re a cake decorator you know this and maybe you’ve tried using regular tweezers to help get a handle on tedious dragee and sugar pearl placement, but what you really need is cake decorating tongs.  If you’re sick of sending dragee bullets across the floor, I highly recommend your invest in a pair of RSVP Endurance Decorating Tongs.

The rubber tipped end is the key to separating these decorating tongs from your average pair of tweezers.  But that’s not the only difference, these RSVP Decorating Tongs have a hollowed out, rounded indent in the tip that allows dragees and beads a place to sit.  This little ‘seat’ prevents sugar pearls from feeling the force of the tweezers pressure, preventing them from shooting out of your hand.

Pick Your Favorite Color

At LaBelle’s we have a great selection of RSVP Endurance Decorating Tongs in pretty pastel colors.  These precision Cake Decorating Tongs are made of durable stainless steel and the tips are available in your choice of the following colors: Lavender, Yellow, Mint, or Pink.  So pick your favorite color and start picking up and placing sugar pearls, dragees, and bead with ease!

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