How to Add Coastal Charm with Sea Inspired Jewelry

Seashell Bracelets | LaBelle's General Store

Seashell Bracelet

If you’re dying to add coastal charm to your summer wardrobe, start with a few pieces of sea inspired jewelry. For very little money you can turn a humdrum summer outfit into a smashing summer success with some coastal-themed bracelets, pendants and earrings.

The Starfish & Seashell Linked Bracelet (pictured above) looks stunning on a slightly tanned wrist.  And if you’re lucky enough to sport a deep, dark tan, beware of the glare: silver looks amazing with a tan.  Measuring in at a comfortable 8″, the Starfish & Seashell Linked Bracelet features an easy-to-close lobster-claw clasp.  At just under $15, this summer essential will add a pop of bling without a big cha-ching.

Faceted Beads & Pearls Wrap Bracelet | LaBelle's General Store

Faceted Azure Beads & Pearls Wrap Bracelet

One of my favorite colors this Spring is Azure.  Azure has a cool, reflective quality about it.  It’s not an intense color, in fact, it’s just the opposite.  Azure is a relaxed and laid-back sky blue, making it the perfect summer hue.  When I see this Silver Starfish & Azure Glass Beaded Bracelet I think of the early days of summer on Cape Cod when the air isn’t hot yet, but the sun is so bright it creates a lightness that makes everything appear like a heavenly apparition.  Going to the beach on a day when the sun is creating its very own ‘Cape Cod Filter’ is a sight to behold.  Every color is bleached, but so pristine and incredibly bright you want to soak it into your soul.


Azure Dancing Starfish Earrings | Coastal Earrings | Sea Inspired Jewelry by LaBelle's General Store

Azure Dancing Starfish Earrings

Starfish earrings have been a standout way to add coastal style to your ensemble for a few years now, but these Dancing Starfish Earrings with Azure blue detailing are simply elegant. The soft azure hue inside these starfish earrings adds a subtle pop of color and brings out the lightest tones of blue eyes. And for brown-eyed girls, like myself, a little blue next to the face brings out a radiance to your skin’s tone.

White Painted Gold Sand Dollar Earrings | Coastal Earrings | Sea Inspired Jewelry by LaBelle's General Store

White Painted Gold Sand Dollar Earrings

These classic Sand Dollar Earrings are truly like nothing I have come across in my jewelry buying trips before. The artist has captured the essence of the sand dollar by overlaying white on top of the earring’s gold body to perfect the details of the delicate sand dollar. The white and the gold of these Sand Dollar Pendant Earrings look smashing with any outfit and contrast brilliantly against sun-kissed skin.

Aqua Starfish Earrings | LaBelle's General Store

Aqua Starfish Earrings

Turquoise Pearl & Azure Beaded Shell Bracelets | Coastal Bracelets | Sea Inspired Jewelry by LaBelle's General Store

Turquoise Pearl & Azure Beaded Shell Bracelets

Lastly, this lovely Turquoise, Pearl & Azure Beaded Shell Bracelet brings together this summer’s style and color triad: turquoise, white, and azure. Combining these three hot colors with shell icons makes this bracelet the easiest way to add coastal charm to any outfit this summer.

Come in today and see our new 2014 Sea Inspired Jewelry Collection.  You’re going to love the colors, styles, coastal icons, and designs of our latest jewelry selections.  Add some coastal elegance to your outfits whether you’re hitting the beach or the beach side bar at The Ocean House.  And if you’re looking for just the right gift for a friend or special girl, coastal earrings and bracelets are always a sweet token of friendship and love.  And our prices can’t be beat!

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